Corporate Story | Scheuten

Scheuten richt zich al 64 jaar op productie en projecten van hoogwaardige Scheuten glasproducten in Europa. Met eigen fabrieken en vestigingen in Nederland, België en Duitsland worden vele klanten bediend.

People are central to our thinking

Scheuten is a company run by people, for people. The company grew by putting people and customers first. Our focus on people means that at Scheuten the company’s achievements are the joint achievements of its staff. Our focus on the customer means that at Scheuten collaboration is shaped by a personal touch! Scheuten aims to build a connection with staff, suppliers, customers and consumers. This manifests itself externally in qualities such as ethos, partnership and professionalism, and internally in passion, commitment and team spirit. Scheuten has an unique position.

Meaning for the world

Just like a person, a company needs to have a purpose in life. Scheuten stands for social enterprise and success. It provides sustainable products and ensures prosperity and well-being for staff, suppliers, customers and consumers. Scheuten can have a positive impact on the world by making people’s lives happy and pleasant by means of its products and concepts. The Scheuten brand is unique because of its focus on energy, sustainability, growth and life.

Scheuten – De mensen van Scheuten

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