Corporate Story | Hiil

Hiil is een in Den Haag gevestigd advies en kenniscentrum voor de juridische sector. Hiil wil internationaal cruciale juridische kennis activeren en innoveren voor het bereiken van een rechtvaardigere wereld.

Justice for all

Justice for all is what motivates us. Justice is what connects us with everyone internally and externally. We adopt the role of pioneer, gadfly and catalyst to people and organizations, who likewise have the ability to contribute to new ideas and solutions in the legal sphere. We believe that overcoming the natural resistance engendered by ingrained habits, traditional attitudes, cultural differences and even indifference is something we must demonstrate at all times as a catalyst of new initiatives.

People, whoever and wherever in the world they may be, must be able to have access to the law. People must be able to count on just application of legislation and regulations. People must be able to rely on a legal system that works properly and efficiently. In the world of today this is not a given, and we consider it our task to let the world know about this, to shake it awake and where possible to contribute towards innovative measures to safeguard justice for all. Our Why – justice – has an essential effect on the Personality, Positioning and Perspective of our organization.


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